Discreet Packaging

Franceska Jaimes is a strong advocate for personal privacy, and we do whatever it takes to preserve yours. We pack your order in nondescript envelopes and boxes, just like your everyday mail or packages. The only identifying marks are your mailing address and ours. The name “Franceska Jaimes” does not appear anywhere on the outside of your package. 

Shipping FAQS

1. How will you send me my order?

We normally ship your order with DHL. Shipping costs will be charged per order.

2. What is the delivery time?

On working days we aim to have your order ready for transport within 24 hours. This could be slightly longer or shorter, depending on how busy it is.

3. I have only partially received my order?

We always provide our carriers with the whole order at once, but unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the shipment gets delivered by two carriers. If you have not received a second delivery the day after your first delivery please contact via email at