Sex Swings


The Original JOYDIVISION loveswing ?multi vario" opens new, undreamed-of dimensions of sexual lust! Haven't you always wanted to try and enjoy fancy positions with your sex partner? Supported by extra soft and wide belts both or one of the partners can swing right into the spheres of erotic desire, with a modicum of effort. SHE can sit or lie on or in front of HIM. HE can sit or lie below or SHE can swing from the outside - there are no bounds to the sexual imagination! The easy adjustability of all straps and the back belt guarantees a comfortable pose, even in the most daring positions. Complete with special spring and directions for use as well as suggestions for positions, which deliver insights about the huge range of variation. Maximum load up to 150 kg and with´the special double spring (for two) even up to 200 kg. (incl. 1m chain)


Luxurious sling connects neck to thighs for perfect positioning
Easy to use and easy to release neck and thigh straps
Soft, comfortable and totally adjustable with cinch design
Soft and plushy on one side with double padded designer fabric on the other
Movable neck support 45,75 x 5,75 cm
Thigh cuffs adjust up to 85 cm plus love sling adjusts up to 128,25 cm